Real food sources: naturally fresh

Greetings, I am Tim Fang, founder of Ultra Fresh. 

Everything started five years ago. It hit us that dog and cat lovers everywhere choose the best food made from natural, non-adulterated fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, carefully checking the raw materials and ingredients to make sure there's no artificial coloring and no chemical additives. Never skimping on quality, we treat them like one of our own. But fish feed is another story. Fish feeds on the market always contain all sorts of chemical additives.

Our team that gave birth to Ultra Fresh consist of fish enthusiasts who are rearing guppies, dwarf cichlids, schooling fish, suckermouth catfish and discus. In hopes of providing our beloved fish with the best food possible, we began brainstorming on how to make fish feed from all-natural ingredients. Things did not go swimmingly at first—it's extremely difficult to get fish to eat feed that's not boosted with attractants or artificial flavorings. It took us some five years in trying various combinations of fresh ingredients before we finally achieved a major success. In place of conventional fish meal or shrimp meal, we came up with a unique blend of top-quality fresh wild sword prawns sourced from pristine waters off the coast of Yilan, Taiwan, plus other carefully selected 100% human-edible natural ingredients. The result: Ultra Fresh can satisfy even picky eaters, while featuring superb palatability and nutritional value. We want to give your pet fish a healthier and better choice that comes from nature.


Which one would you rather eat?

sword prawns and natural ingredients

fish meal…Shrimp meal…

We use only top-quality fresh wild sword prawns caught off the pristine waters of Yilan, Taiwan, packing twice the nutritional value compared with conventional fish meal or shrimp meal. The rich flavor and supreme taste make it a favorite even among picky eaters!

Which one do you think is more natural?

100% natural

artificial coloring…chemical additives…

We know you want to give your beloved pet quality food made from authentic fresh meat and natural ingredients. That's why we've carefully selected a variety of 100% natural fresh ingredients, without any artificial coloring and no attractants or chemical additives. Our chemical-free feed gives your fish a daily dose of nutritional health.