1. Premium fresh sword prawns from Yilan, Taiwan with natural palatability to stimulate your fish's appetite

We use only top-quality fresh wild sword prawns packing twice the nutritional value compared with conventional fish meal, making it a favorite even among picky eaters.

2. 100% natural fresh ingredients with no chemical additives

We use 100% natural and carefully selected fresh ingredients that are human-edible, with no artificial colors, no attractants and no chemical additives. It truly gives your fish a daily dose of nutritional health.

3. Fast intake keeps the water clean

Enhanced with intestinal probiotics to help fish with complete digestion and absorption of nutrients, with pellets designed for each species to be quickly softened for fast and easy intake, leaving the water free of impurities and feed residues.

4. 10-hour low temperature processing retains high nutritional value

10-hour 60℃ low-temperature processing technology fully retains all natural flavors of the fresh ingredients and rich nutritional value; special vitamin spray technology makes sure vitamins A, D3, C, E, H, B1, B2, B6 & B12, folic acid, nicotinic acid, and pantothenic acid are perfectly preserved.

5. Ganoderma polysaccharides boost fish immunity

Enhanced with natural Ganoderma polysaccharide extract to strengthen the immune response proteins in fish for significantly better immune system, vitality and longevity.

6. Allowing your fish to showcase their most natural colors

Ultra-enhanced formula of natural Norwegian seaweed+Australian spirulina (up to 30% combined) and premium fresh sword prawns, with no artificial astaxanthin, enriches the natural coloration of your fish, presenting them in their most natural and vivid colors with no mottled hues and free of any hormonal alterations.

7. Unanimously recommended by aquarium aficionados and professional fish farmers worldwide

After five years of testing, Ultra Fresh has proven itself as a high-performing fish feed that guarantees high palatability, rich nutrients, natural coloration, health and vitality, unparalleled to any other brands on the market, garnering high praise and strong recommendations from fish enthusiasts and professional fish farmers across the globe.

8. Quality certified to international food safety standards

Nothing is more important than the safety and quality of fish feed. That's why we make sure all Ultra Fresh ingredients comply with SGS analysis and safety inspection to make you feel at ease about the health of your beloved fish.