Why sword prawns?

It all comes down to one thing: giving your pet natural food

We believe that real fish food should be made from naturally fresh meat, vegetables and seaweed, using low-temperature processing to lock in all the natural flavors and rich nutritional value as nature intended. Without excessive processing and no adulterants, chemical additives or preservatives, our food delivers unparalleled taste and nutrition, similar to fish's food found in their natural habitat. We want your fish to live the life they deserve.

True to the original taste

As we were racking our brains to come up with authentic natural food for our beloved fish, we quickly ran into our first big challenge: how can we get tropical fish in the wild who are picky eaters to want to eat our food without any attractants or artificial flavoring, while providing them with a complete range of nutrition? This had proven to be extremely difficult—we didn't want our fish to be attracted solely by smell, but we wanted to give them truly delicious and healthy natural food.

With this in mind, our team decided to take the geographical advantage of Taiwan, an island surrounded by sea, and began to experiment with various recipes of fresh seafood off Taiwan's coast and local natural ingredients found on land. Through five years of trial and error, we finally found the perfect main ingredient for our Ultra Fresh product line: fresh wild sword prawns caught off the coast of Yilan. 

We consulted several seasoned anglers to learn how they would catch picky eaters that don't take bait easily. Their answer: use fresh wild sword prawns as bait and even the pickiest of the bunch will be drawn to the hook. Why? We asked. So we began digging around, and discovered...

Fresh wild sword prawns feature a strong unique taste that tops all other shrimps, making them the number one choice by top restaurants across Asia. A prime example is one-Michelin-star restaurant Din Tai Fung, where sword prawns are the preferred choice in making some of their world-famous signature Xiaolongbao and steamed dumplings. This deliciousness apparently has an irresistible charm for picky eaters.

Rich in nutrients, the way nature meant it to be

Fresh wild sword prawns deliver exceptional palatability for picky fish while packing huge nutritional value:

• High quality fast-digestive protein: 90% protein-use efficiency by fish, unmatched by over-processed foods.

• Low-fat: no accumulation of excess fat to keep fish healthy weight in check.

• Taurine: boosts neuron growth and connectivity; helps regulate electrolyte balance to improve physical functions, enhance immunity, while reducing the burden on the liver.

• Rich in calcium: helps fish and aquatic turtles with bone development and enhanced performance of fins.

• High in nutrients: contains iron, vitamins (A, B3 and B12), astaxanthin and chitin

Now, each container of Ultra Fresh packs 90% and more quality meat protein coming from fresh wild sword prawns.

Your pet fish deserve the best. Putting nature in every container, Ultra Fresh uses fresh wild sword prawns as the main ingredient. Catered to the diet and feeding habits of various species, we've produced a series of different formulations containing varying blends of fresh vegetables and natural seaweed to give each fish the best food possible for a better healthy life.

Ultra Fresh—let us be your preferred choice of fish food.